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I’ve just been searching for a useful Starcraft2 cheats guide that i can suggest to one of my friends, his game-play really sucks and it was starting to get really embarrassing. During my search, i’ve discovered that there’s only one starcraft2 guide released by a pro-gamer.

Starcraft2 Tutorial: Zerg Build Order

starcraft2 tutorial

#starcraft2 tutorial - Zerg vs Zerg build order thats pretty easy

Starcraft2 tutorial zerg build order

HDH Invitational RO 16, Game 1

My mind is blown by not only effective Phoenix use, but dominating Phoenix micro.

HDH Invitational RO 16, Game 1
Map: Lost Temple
Nony (Blue) Protoss vs Moonglade (Purple) Zerg

starcraft replays

SC2 Map Editor Demo

starcraft2 map editor

So what can the new Starcraft2 map editor do? Heres a demo video of the new Starcraft2 map editor

Starcraft2 Wings of Liberty campaigns

Here is a video interview with Starcraft 2 Lead Designer, Dustin Browder. He has a chat about the  Wings of Liberty campaigns featuring Jim Raynor and  how it could be very different from the Zerg and Protoss campaigns.

Starcraft2 Campaigns video