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starcraft2 Cheats

To activate these cheats in Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (on either your PC or Mac – they work for both systems), press ENTER during the game to bring up the game console, then simply type in the cheat you want and press ENTER again to activate it and the corresponding effect.

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Starcraft2 Cheats

I’ve just been searching for a useful Starcraft2 cheats guide that i can suggest to one of my friends, his game-play really sucks and it was starting to get really embarrassing. During my search, i’ve discovered that there’s only one starcraft2 guide released by a pro-gamer.

Starcraft2 Tutorial: Zerg Build Order

starcraft2 tutorial

#starcraft2 tutorial - Zerg vs Zerg build order thats pretty easy

Starcraft2 tutorial zerg build order

HDH Invitational: NonY v Nazgul, Game 1

 Its amazing how one simple play can pretty much win the game…

SC2 HDH Invitational: Game 1 - NonY v Nazgul
protoss v protoss

part 1

part 2

Starcraft 2 Battle Royale

sc2 replay

#starcraft2 Battle royale of non Stop action!

LZgamer (red terran)  Nocturne (blue terran)

map: Steps of war

SC2 Battle Royale

HDH Invitational: Day[9] v Tasteless

starcraft replays

#starcraft2 replay: Day[9] used the #fb overlords nicely, & i haven’t seen too many zerg players use creep to their advantage.

Day[9] zerg  vs Tasteless terran

HDH Invitational RO 16, Game 1

My mind is blown by not only effective Phoenix use, but dominating Phoenix micro.

HDH Invitational RO 16, Game 1
Map: Lost Temple
Nony (Blue) Protoss vs Moonglade (Purple) Zerg

starcraft replays

SC2 Map Editor Demo

starcraft2 map editor

So what can the new Starcraft2 map editor do? Heres a demo video of the new Starcraft2 map editor

Starcraft2 Wings of Liberty campaigns

Here is a video interview with Starcraft 2 Lead Designer, Dustin Browder. He has a chat about the  Wings of Liberty campaigns featuring Jim Raynor and  how it could be very different from the Zerg and Protoss campaigns.

Starcraft2 Campaigns video